George   Kapoutzidis 4

Come to Serres, a lively interesting town!

We met the actor and writer George Kapoutzidis after his rewarding by the Mayor of Serres.

Do you feel Serres as your homeland?
Of course I consider it my home. I love my city and am proud. Besides, I never claimed that I came from somewhere.

Your writing is interspersed with local expressions and proverbs. Are they random references?
Not random at all. Those expressions I learned from my family and I use them frequently and deliberately in my text. Unfortunately I do not know many things from the local traditions, although the tradition of a place really charms me.

Would you recommend Serres as the travel destination to your friends?br> I would definitely do that for many reasons: The city is very beautiful and quite interesting, so no one will be bored. Night life is really amazing. Sightseeing around the city, natural monuments such as Kerkini lake, Alistrati Cave are worthy for everyone to see at least once.

What do you think is the best season for inviting someone in Serres;
I think the ideal time is winter, especially if combined with the ski resort of Lailia. In my opinion, the prefecture is suitable for winter tourism.

Have you thought of shooting for serials in Serres;
This was my dream from the beginning. If the theatre obligations of my colleagues will allow us, I would very much like to do this!

I undoubtedly recommend my city to every traveller!

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