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By planes and ships

By planes and ships..
One of my best experiences is to travel in Greece every season, every way. What pleases me more is to be in Greece and just have enough of it.
I would like to thank the e-travel magazine for giving me the opportunity of presenting you some photos of my journeys in Greece: Streets, skies, landscapes, sunshine and of course hotels. Every place you visit in Greece will please you.
Always have interesting journeys and always try for the best.
Text-photos: Nikos Mouratidis

On the Road..
- Driving in Greece could be an exceptional experience. So let your co-driver shoot the icons that come and go..
- In the new tunnels of Kakia Skala.
- From Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos (Crete).
- Sunrise in Limnos, on the way to the airport.
- Driving towards Pyrgos. Straight road with many tree clusters.
- The Super Bridge that unites Rio-Antirrio.

- Walking round Ioannina’s lake, under the long-living trees.
- The view from my room in Du Lac Hotel.

- Driving to Preveza via a landscape that reminds of the Greek poet Kariotakis.

- Whoever passes or goes to Kavala and not stay in Imaret Hotel is loosing a unique experience. Honestly, it is considered as one of the ten best hotels in Greece. Have a look at three sights. The internal yard, the dining room and the pool with the beautiful view of Kavala’s harbour.

- If you visit Drama, this is the place that you will enjoy your coffee. Bellow the huge trees, next to the small lake of spring water.

- The view from Nafplio’s hills can make you fly.
- Nafplia Palace: in and out. Room and Balcony.

- Wishing all the old houses in Sparti could remain as they are and all the new ones would built round the city. This, would constitute a city model.

- Just outside of Tripoli, on the way to Sparti, there is a Christian church built on the ruins of an ancient temple. As if it is the only one!

- My room in Primarolia hotel in Patra.
- Sunset from Patra’s harbour.
- Diakofto, noon, bellow the shadow of the trees.
- When there are no limits in imagination, a corner fold is turned into a ship.

- Staying in Aldemar Hotel, which is 5 km away from Pyrgos. It disposes an extraordinary beach and unique suites with private pools.
- Looking on the right sight.
- Looking on the left sight from my balcony in Aldemar hotel.

Deep Blue
- Travelling in the Aegean.
- Greece in summer is the total MUST.

- There is a hotel in Pythagorio-Samos which also has bungalows. The resort reminds of a picturesque Aegean village. It is simply SUPER. It is called Dorissa Bay. Checkout the three photos and you will understand what I mean.

- Painting colours when you watch the sunset at Limnos island.
- When our ship reaches Limnos’ harbour, we enjoy our coffee.
- Hora of Mytilini there is an old tower turned into a hotel.
- Harbour’s café in Mytilini. They are full of life and youth.

- Have you ever seen a tree that looks so much like a sculpture? You will see them in Kos island.
- Hotel’s sun beds by the sea.
- Driving round Kos. Thank God there are a lot of traditional buildings on the highway of the port.
- Entering Kalymno’s port.
- Rhodos Palace: the hotel in the garden of Eden.
- Night: Shopping in the old town of Rhodes which has become a pure beauty.

Agios Nikolaos
- Go to Agios Nikolaos – Crete to have the fun of your life. At night pay a visit to Spilia and enjoy nice old Greek songs.
- The view from my room in Mirabello Hotel - Agios Nikolaos.

- Sunset in Rethymno.
- After drinking at the bars, the early hours we sleep on our chairs! This is the real summer in Crete. Here we are at the old small port of Rethymno.

- When was the last time you’ve been in Poros? Take a walk and you will remember me.
- Entering the port of beautiful Hydra island.
- In Spetses the only drivers you are going to meet are the taxi drivers. You have to choose between ships, bicycles or your own feet for your transportation. Take a pick!
- Visit Kythira and you might have the best surprise of your life.
- Castle of Kythira. When the sun goes, the electricity comes.

- Watching the sunset. On the ship from Kerkyra to Igoumenitsa.

- Sunset in Kefalonia cannot be compared. Only the Ionian sea presents such sunsets.
- Mytros beach in Kefalonia is one of the most famous beaches on the planet.

- Finally, Lefkada has acquired a huge nice hotel. Here is a part of its view.
- If country houses looked like the ones in Lefkada, we would not grumble about anything!

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