Alkistis  Protopsalti 2

Why Shinoussa..

The same dilemma I face when people ask me which of my songs I prefer, felt when I heard the question which is my favorite region in Greece.
Shinoussa. I realized it suits me from the first second I saw it.
Small place with good, hospitable, positive people.
So quiet that you can hear all the voices of the sea and the firm land.
So peaceful that softens your soul.
Reaching the small port of Myrsini, you will feel welcome by Anna and Kostas.
The rooms are so “Spartan” that you do not need the “Do not disturb” sign. Each morning a chorus of regional roosters, three deep-sounding donkeys and twenty mezzo-soprano ships will wake you up and make you live authentic Greek moments…
The smells of bread, country pie, coffee.. the chats of the fishermen.. an atmosphere colored by the Aegean Sea. Pure magic!
Time runs when lime paints the internal blue of our minds.
Have a nice winter!

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