Kalamata city, Messinia, Peloponnese - A rising destination..

Sun-kissed, blessed with fertile soil, crowned by proud castles and beaches, Kalamata is a city that has everything you would ask for your summer destination. Its beauty and charm was the reasons why it has been listed within the top 20 destinations for 2011 by the National Geographic Traveller.

The Castle of Kalamata, built during the Frankish occupation, offers the best view of the city and has hosted important cultural events such as the Kalamata Dance Festival.

The beach of Kalamata stretches for 2.5 km and has been awarded a Blue Flag for its clear waters. It is easily accessible by foot from the city center. The numerous restaurants, taverns and bars that sprung across the beach gather the summer nightlife of the city.

Also, Kalamata hosts the World Free diving Championship from 14 to 22 September for second year, a fact that puts Kalamata on the map of the major sports events destinations.

Apart from the obvious, Kalamata is famous as the culinary capital of Messinia and Peloponnese. The local cuisine is based on simplicity and consists of local products with unique characteristics such as the international famous Kalamata olives, raisins and dried figsthat have already been exportable products since the 19th century.

How to get to Kalamata
By car, the distance from Athens is 239 km and the duration of the journey is about 2 hours and 15 minutes from Thessaloniki is 715 km and the duration is about 6.5 hours. Kalamata is connected to the railway network, by air and by sea.

Useful Phone Numbers in Kalamata
Port authorities in Kalamata: +30 27210 22218
Kalamata Airport: +30 27210 69442
Railway in Kalamata: +30 27210 95056

TEXT: Stella Prasinou


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